A little history

The Spicy is an atypical pleasure boat, halfway between a barge and a speedboat, and a building steeped in history. A former patrol boat built in Germany in 1928, she was responsible for coastal surveillance. Although not an active participant in the Second World War, she was reportedly seen around Dieppe at the time, before being taken as a prize ship by the Dutch. She will fly the Dutch flag until November 2022. Solenn and Patrice, both former members of the French Navy, bought her from a Swiss couple who had refitted her to make her what she is today. 

Solenn and Patrice first purchased the Spicy for their own use, before deciding to rent it out for atypical stays or guided tours on the Marne.

In April 2023, the Spicy sets sail from Poissy. The crossing of the Seine is punctuated by lock crossings, stops, bridges and Paris monuments, before entering the Marne. Then it's back to the waltz of locks and tunnels, punctuated by warm moments over cheese and charcuterie platters, before the Spicy arrives in Meaux, its new home port.

Right in the heart of downtown, at the river stop, the Spicy now sits proudly on the Quai Sadi Carnot. Today, you can enjoy an intimate one- or two-night stay on board, or take a stroll along the Marne, which can be enhanced by a tasting of local and artisanal products.

The Spicy at the dock