Life aboard the Spicy

On this page, Le Spicy reveals itself through its walks and activities, along the waterways of the Meaux region.

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The history of Spicy, from 1928 to today

1928 - Construction of the OST FRIESLAND (East Friesland) as a surveillance and traffic vehicle, at the EMDEN shipyards in North-West Germany (under the Weimar Empire until 1933).

He remained there until 1938. We assume that he was assigned to guard the Wadden Sea coast and the mouth of the Ems River by the German police or customs.

1940.09.28 - OST FRIESLAND appears under the German Reich with registration B101Mo during a transfer from Boulogne Sur Mer (Pas de Calais) to Dieppe (Seine-Maritime). It was probably requisitioned by the Kriegsmarine (German navy between 1935 and 1945).

11.26.1940 - The OST FRIESLAND is sighted probably fleeing to Emden. It stops in Amsterdam (Netherlands) and will remain there.

04.06.1942 - OST FRIESLAND is assigned to the 4th Flotillen Stammabteilung of the Amsterdam training company stock. This unit is responsible for training Matrosen (sailors) for port protection and river surveillance.

09.03.1943 - OST FRIESLAND is moved to the 12th Landungs-Flottille (Landing Flotilla) in Antwerp (Belgium). In September 1944, the flotilla was used in the Scheldt estuary to reinforce, supply and land the 15th Army.

18.06.1948 - We find the OST FRIESLAND listed in the Dutch land register under number 838B in The Hague, as belonging to the State of the Netherlands, in the Finance Bureau department as war prey.

11.11.1948 - The OST FRIESLAND is bought by a boatman in Maastricht.

It changed its name several times, to Vision II, Callenburgh and finally Spicy under its last owner, a Swiss national.

October 2022 - Solenn and Patrice buy the Spicy, parked in Carrière-sous-Poissy, and decide to keep its name.

April 2023 - Solenn and Patrice sail the Spicy back to its new home port, accompanied by Claude Mesey, on a journey along the Seine and Marne rivers, from Poissy to Meaux, via Paris (you can read the story of this journey in the article at the very bottom of the page).

Spicy design on the bow

Passage of Spicy, seen from the beach at Meaux

When you head out on the water with the Spicy, you're bound to come across something, like a flock of starlings or a little moorhen reluctant to jump into autumn-fresh water.

Starling cloud
To go or not to go?

Stroll on the Marne, as the river flows ...

Breakfast, when the sun's already up, is like that on the Spicy!

End of April 2023

Departure from Poissy for the convoying and running-in of the 2023 season on the Spicy. Average weather, rain and sunshine. Great atmosphere. Everyone on board is clearly enjoying the sailing. Passage of the first Seine lock and subsequent locks without a hitch. The Spicy's new owners had prepared the route and stops superbly. The meals and snacks delighted the taste buds, and the drinks were just right for the weather. Warm when it rained and thirst-quenching when it was hot. After an overnight stay at the Van Gogh port in Asnières and a hearty breakfast, we set off for Paris in mixed weather. Friends joined us on board. The magic happens right away. Magnificent bridges, buildings, quays and the cathedral of Notre Dame, which even when wounded, moves us as we pass. Then we enter the Marne. Another meal is shared at the first pontoon before the lock. Here, the captain pulls out all the stops: charcuterie platter, cheeses, crudités, desserts. All accompanied by fine French wines. Yum, a great moment of sharing. We then resumed navigation on the Marne. We passed through locks and a tunnel to arrive at Joinville le Pont, where the harbourmaster had reserved a superb place for us to share. After a friendly drink, the Friends who had boarded at Asnière left the boat with their eyes filled with marvels and unforgettable memories. And I, the former captain of the Spicy, take the TGV back to new landscapes... Proud of the crew who will keep this magnificent old boat alive. Merciiiii....

Mesey Claude from Blonay - May 5, 2023